28/10/2002 Terrorist pilot and fluid geography

I was walking around the streets of Melbourne when a Jumbo jet (QANTAS) began to fly low and kept diving at me (a most laborious task considering the size of such a jet). I was hiding behind buildings and structures and avoiding the plane that was apparently being piloted by a terrorist. The reason he was having trouble locating me was that he had only be shown how to fly in strait lines and not bank or turn.

Somehow I wound up crash landing the wicker basket of a hot air balloon and the plane lost track of me (it actually vanished).

The next thing I knew I was looking across the London Bridge at the Tower of London/Buckingham Palace where the plane has shaved off the top off the building and then crashed just after the Sydney harbour bridge. I could see the while silhouette of the plan on the seaward side of the bridge.


07/10/2002 Dream about an ex

I had a couple of dreams tonight, but I can only remember bits of the 1st dream. I met Kelly, an ex gf down the street or some such place by accident and she appeared to be newly single. I think it was due to her marriage break-up, or maybe due to her hubby being deceased. Which I do not know. We wound up discussing the hubby and I expressed my displeasure should I discover he was the ‘old friend’ who rolled up one day to show her his new car. The rest of the conversations we had were quite amicable and it seemed we were picking up where we left off.

03/10/2002 Birds with four legs

I was at some sanctuary and there were lots of lyrebirds. They all seemed attracted to me. When I picked one up it grew 4 legs and resembled a 4-legged kiwi but with shard little claws on it’s pawed feet. The bird was scratching me with gusto as I attempted to put it in an enclosure. After I let it go I noticed that my hands were very scratched and dripping blood.