Historical 24/07/2002 Dreamy Time

I was riding my mountain bike along the road connecting Moe and Yarragon, down the hill near the Trafalgar cemetery when my headset fell apart with a loud snap, my handle bars fell off and my bike lost control. I had been pedaling at a bit over 100kph wearing my motorcycling leathers. I wound up sliding along the road for quite some time. The only damage was to the leathers, which were ripped to shreds on the back and upper legs, which had been in contact with the ground when I was skidding along.

I wound up coming to a stop near a long driveway where some old guy was standing. Here the dream gets fuzzy, but I got the impression the old guy was a seer or shaman or had some magical powers and was beckoning me to follow him along the drive way.


Historical 22/07/2002 Dreamy Time

I was walking down the isle of a hypersonic jet and saw my lab manger and the sterility supervisor in business class. The jet was set up with a lounge on the upper level. The pilot’s seat at the front of this section and were not segregated from the rest of the craft. The window was huge and we were flying around 50-100 m above the ground. Apparently we were heading towards Paris , though it looked like no Paris I had ever seen. The dream ended as I saw the landing strip appear and we began to land.

14/07/2002 Body swapping dream with killing

I was in a coastal/jungle setting. In my backpack, which I had in my hotel room, I had a gun that I had smuggled through customs. I was worried that I would not be able to leave the country with the gun, as it would be detected. As it turned out, it was stolen. In another body I was being pursued by some bad people. I found a shiny silver computer controlled revolver with two shots left in it.

I think the bad guys were in league with the mummy that was on television the night before.

As the confrontation with the bad men occurred, I was sighting one of them through the gun’s scope and the trigger needed a very big squeeze to fire. I took one of the out and in turn was taken out and my final shot hit no one. A short time later I was in another body and was being helped by a bald black policeman. We were circling the glass walled police station on a pier where I saw on of the remaining bad guys. As I backtracked, two more spied me and the chase was on. I headed back to the grassy clearing where the original confrontation occurred, but could find neither it nor my newly found computer gun.

The dream got fuzzy and next I was the messiah returned ordering everyone to be good to each other and stop their arguing as I was back and would not stand for it. At this stage the dream was lucid and the changes I were affecting seemed forced.

This dream was notable as I moved from body to body and was observing events from different angles.