17/05/2002 Pretty lacking in details

All I can remember is that Liz Ryan, Kelly Lewis and Dianne Willemsen were in the dream and it took place either up at the coach Road lookout tower in Moe, or under a high-tension power line support.


12/05/2002 Ex gf dream

I was walking along and bumped into Kelly. She was quite happy and amicable. We chatted about what had been happening and I congratulated her on getting married. As we were walking she said, oh, this is my place already (apparently she was walking home and I was going fro a stroll in the same neighborhood). Before she went inside I asked her one last question. It was whether she had got her bike license yet. She said she had not and sounded excited/dismayed that I had gotten my bike license. Here the dream ended. The landscape was very plain, like a bad CGI movie.