01/02/2002 – Pretty involved dreams

My first dream took place at night and involved a couple of passenger jets flying along away from me. The first one then nose dived with screaming engines and crashed behind a hill. No explosion could be seen or heard. The second plane did the same thing as the first plane.

The second dream is in a similar vane as others I have had. It is around October and I am at university. I am talking to a girl (who looks familiar but I do not know who she is). She is cute but is pretty much flat chested with small nipples). I am asking her if we had a maths class this year at university as I think I only went to 3 lectures. I am asking of we have an exam in the subject and if I have missed it already. Somehow we wind up lying down in a park under a blanket. We wind up snogging and she says I can take her home if I like. I then say that would be difficult as I live thousands of kilometres away (dream location must be here in Perth where I am currently holidaying). I get the impression that she lives over in Victoria too.

I was with a group of people exploring the moon. Our lander did not have an airlock, but that did not stop us going into and out of it without one. I was wearing a hybrid space suit – old bulky pants and skin-tight top. The surface of the moon was very rocky. Our lander’s door would not latch closed properly, preventing us getting back to Earth. Strangely this did not prevent us moving about the surface on the moon. On of our party got his arm stuck on the door as we were flying around, but I managed to drag him in during our little flight.