09/11/2001 Weird rat/dog created from nanites

I was reading a scientific magazine and it was talking about nanotechonology and how some particles arranged themselves in a lattice type arrangement resembling turtles. On the cover was a little model to demonstrate this. When I added water to it, the thing began to grow. It was the color and texture of a gherkin. As it grew, I noted that it was turning into some lizard type animal, but a leg was not developing. As I thought this, the leg began to grow. The next thing I know the creature looked like some weird rat/dog creature and was running around my parent’s dining room.


06/11/2001 Strange ex gf dream

I had caught up with my second gf, K.M. We were chatting amicably and so forth. Basically exchanging information and so forth. While we were doing this our location and positions changed. From my place, to her place, so standing up, sitting down, lying down. She was saying how she was happily married (though transmitting telepathically that she was not). I found our her married name was K.H. Apparently she was pregnant (but at the same time, had had her child). It was a girl and was named Angela. The dream seemed to go on for ages.