03/08/2001 Coming back from the dead

I was backstage at a concert or something. I had a rotund accomplice with me and we were reconnoitreing a bad man with salt and pepper beard and long hair to match. He caught us and shot me in the heart. I had long gray hair in this dream and was late 60’s in Earth years. The wound in my chest did not bleed and as I slowly sunk to the ground the scene changed to a dock that appeared in the dream above. It had bags and stuff on the planks. Now a flashback faded in where I had been killed by these guys before and was sinking under the water looking at them thinking about getting my revenge.

Up to here I was observing events. Act 2 of the dream sees me looking through my own eyes.

The next thing I know I am at a large party (looked like the Parliament building at the end of Collins St. in Melbourne to me from the outside, but it was located in some place suburban). I am again observing the guy who shot and killed me (a few years have passed). The bad guy’s main henchman/right hand man notices me as I am walking down the stairs outside and follows me as I exit the party. He slashes my leather jacket, and I turn around to see what has happened. His eyes go wide as he recognizes me and runs off to disbelievingly tell the boss man that I am back from the dead. I check my jacket for the slash hole, but it has spontaneously repaired itself.

Later the RH man comes for me as I am walking past a vacant lot. He intends to garrote me with something and I defend myself, strangling him with his own necklace. He took a while to die, and put up quite a struggle, but eventually his oxygen starved brain gave out on him. I notice the vacant lot has freshly cut grass as I throw his corpse over a fence adjoining the lot.

As I am walking away, along the lot I pass a marine green Mazda MX6 and get in my own car. I drive a about 50 meters away to an adjacent vacant lot and hear the dead guys parents discussing his body in their own back yard. Interestingly the Mazda sports car has disappeared. The parents look over their back fence as I slide down behind my dash board and attempt to be invisible. They are calmly discussing his death. Meanwhile my car engine is still running but they do not notice me.

The dream ends with me cruising along a straight road (I think it is twilight and wet) and I am listening to radio report of the “murder” and so forth.


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