23/05/1991 A Parallell Universe

I had breached a parallel universe where I met everyone including myself. I was the only one with any great difference. Something to do with me determining the path of history.


Historical 03/05/2001 Dreamy Time

Not sure if names will be changed or anonymised often.  Given I’m Mr or Miss Anon, who knows.  Anyhoo.

Dream 1:

V and T from work were in my kitchen getting closer and closer when they began to kiss. Not long after this Tara, who was wearing a black top and what looked like tracksuit pants pulled down her pants and panties and started to hump V. It was so sweet. The dream was so vivid that I saw that T had shaved her labia and looked very tasty indeed.

Dream 2:

Some guy came into my room when I was painting and took over. I was working on a red picture when he started showing me how to paint. He made a really shit face that had ok shading on the right side in white paint and then in yellow he wrote some words at the top. Later I found out that my car keys were missing and my cart was missing too. The location of this dream was a mix of Anzac Street , Monash Park and Melbourne .