17/03/2001 More shinanegans with workmates

I had gone to Vic’s old place (not the same architecture as her Fitzroy place) to pick up my mountain bike. Someone had removed the back wheel and locked it to the frame and front wheel with a bike lock. In addition to that the bike computer was missing. I did not know if that had been stolen or I had it. The bike was in a locked and gated section of the front yard.

I went inside the place (it was a group of flats/hall). The next thing I know a party is going on and a girl I work with (Vanessa) who is married was necking me and grabbing my cock. I guess I was naked, or it was hanging out of my pants. We then went into a front room she had directed me to, closed the door and drew the curtains. I was thinking that it would be highly obvious to all at the party what we were going to do, but she seemed not to think this.

We were both lying down, and were kissing and I was fondling her breasts. After a comment from here I pulled down her pants and began to eat her out. In this dream she was hairy. She was saying how she thought I’d not be as good as I was. We were bumping the curtains around and she was moaning heaps and wanted us to move away from the curtains so the people in the next room would not get suspicious.

Later I observed (remotely) her hubby giving her divorce papers saying that that was the third time she had shagged someone other than him while they were married. She was wondering how he knew.


16/03/2001 Why are there houses and breathable air on Mars?

Weird species (illegible), 3 of us, were setting up shop on Mars. We got there before our ships did (but we still got there in ships). Greeting us was an atmosphere and windows in houses. The rest of the dream is fuzzy but I do recall wondering how come there was a breathable atmosphere and houses on Mars.