23/02/2001 Strange egg dream

For some reason I had rescued an egg from a bird nest. The egg was the standard small blue egg shaped egg to e found in bird nests. However, as the dream went on, the egg (which was being kept warm in one of my hands) morphed into a pink avian embryo.

Talk about a strange way of hatching. Seems like this was a purposeless dream.



I was in a large office complex (that had some characteristics about being outside) with one of my friends, Mark, and we were being pursued by a variety of high tech things. These ranged from flying drones that were hard to kill (even with our pulse rifles) to small bitey robots that kept saying “little fucker”.

The dream began on a battle field with lots of plasma fire being exchanged. The final scene in the dream Mark and I were in an office cubicle and I was trying to give Mark a recharged weapon by hacking into the network. This would some how charge the energy cell in the weapon he had. Through the front of the building another friend’s (Nick) Peruvian father in-law entered and gave the standard leading evil character speech, while I was making derisive comments in Spanish. The evil leader said Steve (a guy I work with) would like to be there to deal our death blows but he must have gotten held up. He then took a photo of Mark and I and some unidentified character whose presence did not make us wonder who the hell he was.