19/01/2001 UFO’s and missing people

We were camped out in the bush near where something had impacted into the ground and buried itself forming a mound. A general feeling of trepidation hung in the air due to people going missing.

Something across the valley was thought to be observing us at night due to lights in the trees and images of someone across the way with binoculars came to mind.

After the main part of the dream a black, angular UFO appeared making noise like a jet and doing some pretty fast maneuvers. It then landed next to where the mound had been (it was now gone, though during this portion of the dream the mound was in temporal flux). When I looked back at the UFO it had morphed into a beige Ford Falcon. Men in black had stepped out of the transport and were calmly chatting to myself and whoever else consisted of the main characters in the dream.

Below is a quick sketch of the dreamscape.