06/08/1996 Exs, the “Johnsons” and auditory problems

I was washing my car’s windows with Windex and my hand. The phone rang at 7:01 am so I turned the hose off (which incidentally was the phone). The connection was poor and I kept asking Bec to repeat herself. She said she was off to Greenland after her exam, I asked who got her to do this and she said she had decided to do it herself. I knew she was lying. I kept trying to tell her how much I missed her, but she refused to listen.

Next thing she is trying to tell Luke something by hiding with him in her (overgrown) garden. I keep turning up and hear her say something about the Johnson, a branch of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now I am out the front of Uncle Bert’s near Stud Road, whilst simultaneously being outside my place in Fisher Street. A huge cross is linking to two places.

Bec gave me some literature about the Johnson’s and they were no different to the major religions. They had however convinced her to go to Greenland.

I didn’t care and kept trying to say I missed her heaps, but she either didn’t want to hear or couldn’t hear.


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