23/12/1992 Working in a gravel pit and another dream

Dream 1:

I’d attempted to get a job in a gravel pit where we would fill up shoes with blue stone. The shoes where then hoisted up to a tower and their contents emptied onto a conveyor belt. As I was hard working, I got the job.

Dream 2:

I met this babe at an unknown dreamscape location. She came right up to me and started getting on with me. We went outside and she went to town on me. Later, I got on with another babe.


01/12/1992 Real dams and dream lakes

I was at the bottom of Thompson Dam with some other people. The dam was overflowing in the wrong places due to some recent rain. We thought it was getting a bit dangerous so we decided to leave. I crossed the river at the bottom and the dam overflowed everywhere.

**The river lead into the dreamscape lake, but this time it was much deeper.**

We all fled and I was the only one who made it. Half way up a cliff, rocks and water buffeted me, and I was pulled down under. The scene changed and I was in a warehouse pushing emergency close off valves so the water couldn’t get in any more.