10/11/1992 Shape shifting into a seagul

I was at some lake and could shape change into a sea gull. I dived for a fish but spat it out. Then I was human and had a massive cut in my right big toe. Had to get out of the water quick in case of sharks.


06/11/1992 Death himself, bondage gear and a Super Dog.

Dream 1:

Death made a personal appearance in this dream. He was a skeleton in his robe. A deceased couple, and some other dude were also present.

A bright light would be coming from an above ground grave and the dude would get in there and see Death and the couple snatching a body from a coffin. The bright light would go and I would be alone.

Later, the same thing happened again but apparently I’d seen too much of Death body snatching so I was clothed in bondage gear and weird shit happened after that. It had to do with shape shifters and dungeons with big windows.

Dream 2:

Out at the Yallorn turnoff we (some stranger and I), saw Super Dog on a moped turning off the freeway. We decided to follow. Super Dog turned into a woman with a nice behind so we followed even harder.

Next the road changed to a windy one going down hill. I jumped off my friend’s motor cycle and went bush. Crashing through it and stuff. I ran into a blonde at one stage then got on with her and got smelly fingers. Weird, weird, weird.