30/08/1992 Letters from flames, hitchhikers and dodgy movies

Dream 1:

I received a whole bunch of letters from Liz Ryan. About seven months worth. Apparently the postal service had stuffed up and the letters had been all around Australia.

Dream 2:

I picked up some hitch hikers on my way back from Morwell in my new beast. I dropped them off in Narracan Drive I front of Monash Park. The coppers were breath testing 50 meters up the road so stopping then going home looked like I was avoiding them.

Dream 3:

I’d seen Lethal Weapon 3 and Murtaugh and Riggs only had 5 minutes of screen time each.


27/08/1992 Running late and stuff

Leticia was in my room when I woke up and I ended up growling her out. Somehow we wound up in Trafalgar and I ran late for university, so I had to run her home, after which, she disappeared.

That night she popped up at home.

21/08/1992 Strange cyborg tentacle plant

I was just down at the Moe turn off (coming from Morwell). More on the road that parallels the freeway, but the road seemed like a dreamscape road. I was pissing around with some tentacled plant-cyborg thing. It got a bit out of control and I tried to stop it with the normal herbicide used to kill it, but it had become immune.

It would start off as a tentacle then grown and solidify into a thorn bush type of structure, which was flesh pink. If a tentacle got sliced off, it would grow right back. I remember getting away from it.

18/08/1992 Quite detailed dream

Had a fantastically great dream which I could remember when I woke up, but is fading fast.

Dave and I are around the familiar dreamscape. The lake is on the left and the big hill with the road going to the top is on the right.

We enter on the left half way up the hill near a fence and follow it through the bunker. We emerge on the top of the hill at a sort of lookout thing. Some people show up in a car. I can’t remember them, but they are known to me.

Robyn pops up and Dave tried to get on with her. Nice to see he respects his buddies!