31/07/1992 A dead lady equals money for me.

Some old lady in a home in Traralgon had died and left us money. We had to search the house to find it and it was in the back of the freezer. Loads of American $1000 bills. We were being watched so we had to sneak around the house. She had Ferrari out in the back yard, so we acquired it. We (a couple of babes and some other guy) wound up rich.

One of the babes tugs at her skirt and complains that the money hasn’t made it any better.

Then it cuts to me in the red Ferrari, talking to the guy, who now had a black Porsche. We are parked in the middle of the road.

I wind up being booked for doing 101kph in a 75kph zone. I pass the cop car at a T-intersection on the right of the road at night. Anyway, the cop turns out to be female, so I’m sleazing and saying it was a 100 zone, and to let me off. She still books me and says it is a $130 fine.

She doesn’t check my license, take my car rego, or issue me a ticket, so what’s the point?


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