28/06/1992 Many dreams, not much recollection

Numerous dreams tonight. I can only recall one though. I was driving the van along and it spun then rolled for no reason. It wound up being totaled.


15/06/1992 Circus in Town

The circus was in town and I was helping to put up the tent. A girl who looked like Ricky and I were getting along quite nicely. She showed up in only black underpants. She had a nice behind and perfect breasts. We started kissing and when I cupped a breast, she accused me of rape.

I said “sure”. She started giving me the cold shoulder.

Next I was trying to put up a pole but it was too short. She came along and asked if I was having trouble. We started talking and she indicated she wanted to get to know me better before ‘starting anything’.

She had shoulder length straight blonde hair and a fair coloring and a beaut body.

06/06/1992 Probably a set at night dream

I was driving along a windy road with cliffs to the left to Cape Patterson to some port/pier/industrial area. It was dark and probably night. When I got there it was sunny and there was a run on and a swim. I went in the swim across the bay (about 20kms or something massive). I remember wearing my wet suit. The road and beach were from previous dreamscapes.