30/05/1992 Accusations of Dorkiness

Liz Ryan was calling me “Dorky”. What she was doing in one of my dreams I cannot fathom.


28/05/1992 First Pash Returns

Robyn showed up in my bedroom (more like a flat I think). She was visiting people she wanted to keep in touch with and had not seen for a while. Because of this she wanted to give me her address and phone number so I could write and stuff. Strange how she knew where I lived. Anyway, I acted like I didn’t recognize her and then acted nonchalant. Then we just talked.

22/05/1992 Stuffed cats and bad driving

Dream 1:

We had a fire in our cardboard box/rubbish bin which Catty was sleeping next to. As a result he was somehow carbon monoxided to death. Net result – one stuffed pussy. All Mum could think of was of a new Scottish Fold kitty and one that was sooky, not viscous, like Catty.

Dream 2:

Luke goes for a drive in the van in Moore Street on his own, (while on “L” plates), and reverses into a car doing 10kph. It drives into the side of the van. As a result the van has a caved in side. Upon taking it to get fixed, they pronounce it is totaled.

15/05/1992 Sufing and a drawing

Dream 1:
I was surfing with my new board and I got attacked by a shark. I gouged its eyes and it pissed off. I was not injured.

Dream 2:
We were at the beach at low tide. Small waves were lapping the shore. The next thing we know, a big wave approaches and we bolt to the high land but did not make it. We get nailed from dry land.


08/05/1992 Ancient ruins and not quite dead people

Weird. Some ancient ruins in the form of an overgrown garden in the middle of a road. Some dude in a wheel chair gets lost here then escapes. Turns towards the greenery and a truck flies out and collects him. Presumed dead. (also happened in beginning of dream, but no garden or wheelchair or victim). On the slab it is explained that the victim is in power of some drug that gives the appearance of death. Therefore victim still lives. Conclude that the 1st victim must have been buried alive, some reservation about that.