28/04/1992 Broken Surfboards

Mark had just acquired a new surf board. Apparently it acquired a wet spot encompassing the entire board while he was surfing. This resulted in him submarining – he took a wave and the board just went down the face of the wave and kept on going under. Net result was one wasted board.


27/04/1992 Brother ruins my chances with a beauty

I was an actor/model doing some course at university.

One of the girls doing it was beautiful and I was about to ask for her phone number when Luke tried to ‘show how it is done’ on her. As a result she goes into ‘fast forward’ and speeds away.

I later saw her driving along the Moe bypass in a white old beast with red and white personalized plates.

03/04/1992 Alternate realities

I was being pursued by law enforcement dudes in some weird future/alternate universe. I sought refuge in a forest full of Australian native animals. For some reason, the ‘police’ could not enter the forest and therefore it was a safe haven for me. It appeared that the echidna’s spines were poisonous. Once inside the forest, its boundaries seemed to glow a golden color.