22/03/1992 Potential Girlfriends

I was in the preliminary stages of getting a girlfriend. We went somewhere and when I dropped her off (not at her address, though she had given it to me) she said to come by around 6pm. She lived in a street beginning with “B” in Trafalgar, I think. Anyway, I rode by her house and said “Bingo!” after recognizing the house, but not the address.


21/03/1992 Rescuing some kidnapped people

Some dudes had been kidnapped and we (Mark, Dave, some others) and I went off to rescue them. They were being held at a gun range near some cliffs. Anyway, I had to drive Mark’s car back home in order to get weaponry. On the way back I got pulled over for speeding. After explaining that I though the speedo was in kph rather than mph I was let off.