What’s the go daddyo?

Here I will be posting all of my recorded dreams. The ones from the past. The ones I have in the future.

Note that what goes on in my head while I sleep tends to have little to nothing to do with my waking life.

My dream logs will be copied here exactly as recorded.  They may make sense. They may be disjointed.  They may be gobbledegook.

As far as I can determine, I first started recording my dreams in 1991- the same year I began keeping a diary.


Society had collapsed!

A long and frustrating dream.
Society had collapsed. Everyone headed for the country which became quite crowded. A stereotypical bad person came along to our camp and tried to forcefully recruit the males. They resisted. One elderly person got their head chopped off and shortly after that the bad dude was overpowered and began whimpering.

Next, I’m headed into a dingy shopping centre complex that seemed to be bustling. I was separated from my family and seemed to be doing circles of the complex. Here, the complex had a predominantly dark orange tinge. As night was falling, the police moved in and tried to force everyone away. Apparently salt water (or something) was causing the complex’s structural integrity to weaken. The police seemed quite organised for a collapsed society.

I wound back in the building which now appeared to be a well furnished and powered apartment complex and I was offered accommodation from some dude. Here the lighting/colour cast was warm. I asked if I could charge my phone and he had a charger that fit mine. This was also good considering all utilities had not been working earlier in the dream. We could see the police searching for people in the building from our windows (they were looking for lights).

I received a voice message from <redacted> asking if I could upload some photos when I has the time. This prompted me to try to call my partner who happened to be <redacted>, but in the dream looked nothing like her. The phone would not even connect. I put that down to me using Telstra, and she Optus.

Eventually we had to leave the apartment for some reason and at this point, the dream gets too fuzzy to recall.

Antivaccers? Also Batman

Dream 1:

Very fuzzy. Possibly about measles and someone sprucing the idea that diet could cure the disease and vaccination was not needed. I recall clearly saying out loud(& IRL) “you are an arsehole”.

Dream 2:

I was batman. Cross between 60’s and Nolan. Also a Jedi.
Something about jewels holding a secret to some ancient knowledge. Adversary turned me into a huge stone statue.
Running around in Street with gems after collecting them.
Then a scene with the bad guys, remote control cars, there deducing where I was and a party being held on the Sunday to come.

Nasty Hallway Viewing

I was watching women running forward through a dormitory corridor. The camera was on their face. Every so often (at regular intervals) then women would be snared in some sort of trap.

The view could be described as FPS, but reversed.

They would drop out of view as the mechanism killed them. After about four or five of these I tried to avert my gaze as it was getting too much for me.

The traps seemed to be similar to those portrayed in the movie Cube.

Bored at a function so I decided to fly

I was at a work function set on a hill in a country with monkeys. I was doing the rounds and seemed to be chatting to some old friends I have not seen much of in 10 plus years. My current work’s boss showed up and did the rounds and people were treating him like a super star. I got bored and started flying and circling the function.

My control was better than recent recollections of flying. At one point I got close to a big tree and had a small money jump on my. It has sharp claws. There also seemed to be an initiation for a concert hanging from one of the branches. I did not collect it.

Later, I was talking to someone and recollecting this. I then went looking for the invite, but it was nowhere to be found.

I was not concerned that people could see me flying.

Dina Meyer followed by wet mountainous roads (2 dreams)

Dream 1

Dina Meyer was at “Gibbs’s” from the NCIS tv show’s house. We were having a fun flirty time.  She had to leave. I began sucking her right nipple and shortly she was asking me to bonk her. I did so. A tad strange she was herself and not the character from the show.  I am not sure what Gibbs was doing, if I was Gibbs or if I was cycling bodies.

Dream 2

I was driving along what appeared to be roads near Mt Baw Baw or out the back of Falls Creek. It was wet and the road would periodically be covered in deep water. One section of Road I passed became like a water pipe had burst with water welling up in a thick fountain. A section of road in front of me looked unpassable so I got out if my car and had a close look. I decided to go back to my car and wait. At this stage, another car magically appeared parked on the road in front of mine. I took a while getting back into my car as I was climbing over the roof and bonnet as I did not want to get my feet wet. The car was my old one.

Apparently I was Jesus

I was on a hike through what appeared to be grassland where the grass was 2-3m tall.  I got the feeling I was in Florida.

At one point I was climbing over a chain link fence and one of my companions (who was Jesus where the J was pronounced with an H) questioned my actions.  I replied I could do whatever I wanted as I was Jesus.  He (or someone else uttered “oh god” and I replied that I was God too.

We then got into a discussion regarding demi gods and other related topics. I think there were three of us.  I’m not sure the third person in the conversation was visible (father son and holy ghost perhaps?)

A Dune Theme

I was an Attreides (probably the duke, but not Leto) arranging a political marriage between my family and the Harkonnens.  I was chatting to the mother of the Vladimir and she said she had no idea there was an ongoing feud between our families.  Boys will be boys.

Strange Place for a MTB Race

Underground MTB work champ course. Looked like cave of the killer rabbit from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Ground was soft and loamy outside entrance. Lots of people wearing authentications on lanyards to avoid when trying to get to cavern.

Outside jumped in queue. Signup? No rider welcome page. Taking names and car rego only.

Rego was outside to left maybe 500m from cave.