What’s the go daddyo?

Here I will be posting all of my recorded dreams. The ones from the past. The ones I have in the future.

Note that what goes on in my head while I sleep tends to have little to nothing to do with my waking life.

My dream logs will be copied here exactly as recorded.  They may make sense. They may be disjointed.  They may be gobbledegook.

As far as I can determine, I first started recording my dreams in 1991- the same year I began keeping a diary.


Dream one:
I was reversing my car and then I went to fast and knocked off the side mirror of a red car.
Mine had white damage to the paint.
I left a note

Dream two:
A group of us were working on a medical dummy (I think) and after some forgotten activities we put a big strapon/vibrator on it. A big, very pink one.

EH&S and muddled speaking

I was driving along what was supposed to be the ring road at an old place of employment.  Various vehicles were driving the wrong way and some were parked in choke spots preventing me from getting past.

One male human in a truck blocking me was reversed to a petrol bowser.  While he did this, he was talking on a mobile phone.  He was then out of the truck next to a bowser talking on the phone.

I recall considering driving half on, half off the road to pass him on my left, however there was quite a drop down a slope which would have had my car tilting at over 45 degrees.

I asked him to get off the phone as it was illegal to use one near petrol pumps.  He ignored me.  I then poked him.  He claimed I was harassing him.  I informed him he was in break of EH&S regulations.  I wanted to get a photo of him and his vehicle, but only had my phone camera (so could obviously not use it unless I wanted to be a hypocrite).  I could not communicate well, muddling my words.  This dream dragged along for a while.  A motorcyclist was filling up and apparently though I was talking to him.  This was despite no phone use.  I said something like, “Yes, I know, I’m talking to this guy”.

Frustrating as being ignored, not being able to speak clearly and others not following the clearly established rules.

Waiting for cyclists, no rush.

I appeared to be on Christies Road near Lillico headed north. The road had not much in the way of surrounding features. I was driving my car and behind a bunch of cyclists, waiting for them to crest a hill so I might have a passing opportunity.

As I crested the hill. the double white lines gave way to dashed lines and the road ahead was clear of oncoming traffic so I was free to pass.

The Death of my Mother

My mother seemed to be staying at my place and was using a chest of draws as a bed. She was simultaneously regular size as well as dwarf size. She was coughing and having trouble breathing and after a little bit, ceased to be alive.

I said, “rest now, forever sleep, earned it you have” channelling Yoda.

I then rang up my father and said “I have bad news”. He replied with “she’s dead, isn’t she”. MY voice cracked a little as I began the call.

I was then wondering how I was to ring her remaining siblings and break the news.

After that I was wondering where she’d left her funeral plans as somehow I was now the executor.

Something about something that could have been done to prolong her life discovered at the autopsy and the dream tried to make me feel guilty I could have saved her. I squashed that narrative right away. There is no sense agonising on what or what not may have happened following certain decision points.

Retro Modern Dream and another one just remembered

Many dreams. The only one I can remember seem to take place at Fisher Street and I was watching movies on a modern system (Plex).

I played in audiocassette and a girls voice said I’d had the opportunity for the last year to hook up with her but had been blinded and was operating under a false sense of security. I window had closed.

I spoke aloud to myself “yes I know. I was an idiot”. I accidentally pressed the on button for a DVD player and it was very noisy.

Dream 2

I just remembered another. I was asked if I was racing this weekend I replied “yes” without thinking.

It was an 80 km handicap. Racing would be a tad tricky as I was overseas at the time.

Happy ending massage (not for me though)

I went for a massage while on holidays. The Asian lady who was massaging me wound up getting a happy ending as somehow I ended up massaging her.

She had her smooth medium sized dark purple labia (ref Sandra) and it the clit protruded quite a bit when she got aroused.

We made plans to meet up for dinner or something after she got off work.

Maybe the one “work” dream, maybe not.

Dream One

I had teed up a Skype interview and when I logged onto it, a whole bunch of other programs were installed, like an office suite. I remember some sort of Excel type program and a photo manipulation program.

The interview required me to create some graphic designs and typography using fonts I did not have. There was no instruction as to if I needed to do this now or later. The requirements seemed do you be out of a quiz book with cheap greyish pages.

Dream Two

Something about me with an undersized orange and blue BMX and not sure if part of the interview dream. First chapter was longer and will detailed in my recollection.

Dreaming of a song

Song on radio with the lyrics “I would walk a mile just to find you in Bloomdales”.

The album was something like Demons and Deviates.

Pretty sure I made up the lyrics Weird Al style and then I heard the song on the radio.