What’s the go daddyo?

Here I will be posting all of my recorded dreams. The ones from the past. The ones I have in the future.

Note that what goes on in my head while I sleep tends to have little to nothing to do with my waking life.

My dream logs will be copied here exactly as recorded.  They may make sense. They may be disjointed.  They may be gobbledegook.

As far as I can determine, I first started recording my dreams in 1991- the same year I began keeping a diary.


Weird eyesight fix & dead CEO’s.

Dream 1:
My poor eyesight was fixed by orthotics. The orthotics were padlock slide bolts. Very large ones complete with the metal bit that would attach to a fence. Reportedly, “there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. You are just seeing everything 8 pixels larger than normal. This leads to some fuzziness.”

Dream 2:
The CEO of my company had been driving on a farm and was killed by a freight train. He seems to have driven across the train’s path. There was speculation regarding whether or not the company’s base of operations would move out of Russia.

An escape portal leads to a short lived death

Something about a large sparse room with an escape portal in the floor. To exit the room, one would step on a spot on the floor. Some people would vanish, some could sink.
I was tidying up something or making sure everyone else got out (though there was only me and a cat).

When it was my turn to leave, I sank into the floor. I was holding a cat and a rabbit.

As I was enveloped, I took a deep breath as there was a suffocating wet blackness.

I was concerned that this would be distressing for the rabbit and cat.

There was some sort of mental projection asking about three options of death notification and means of disposal.

I was injected with a burning fluid (it felt like my blood was boiling) and apparently I was killed. An electronic notification was sent to everyone on my contact list. Five minutes later I resurrected. I then had to tell people, no, there had been a glitch. I was actually alive. I also needed to assure them I’d not been killed in the first place, in order to protect the secret that I was immortal.

People I had not heard from in years (eg <redacted>) has expressed their condolences in the meantime.

Over in Peru

Went to Peru to reproduce an attack on a computer system. Scary driving. Lots of running on foot as late. Weird geography. Guy from Germany writing malicious code. Stayed in secure place as “last time!”. Playing a board game.

Strange repeating dream with an infinity stone and green glowing eyes

Seige movie. Large room reminiscent of the Churchill Binishell. Setup with computer desks.

Some guard/invader was very personable before he shot a kid to make a point.
Need to print computer specs. Vic Police helicopter did a flyby and was spinning around wildly.

Computers off desks. All in room on floor watching a boring documentary. I only had my underpants on.

Dream seemed to repeat.

Then I was at my parents’ house. I had a lenses on it a black puck (I cannot read my scribble!) The bad guys had been looking for it.

The cube melted and an infinity stone was now in a rubber glove. Rather than hand it over, I put the glove on as my eyes glowed green.

The swat team never arrived. Me taking control of the stone meant the siege initiators left peacefully and amicably.

Strange alternate universe

The dream began on a railway platform as I was trying to find some sort of portal. I was chasing a kid on a BMX. I seemed to have an earpiece on.I saw the portal from the corner of my eye, but when I turned, it vanished.

Some discussion on the earpiece lead to me turning left and seeing the BMX ride down a corridor and get into a blue train. I gave chase.

Everyone inside was sitting in order and the cabin was spacious.

The BMX guy took off his hoody and revealed he was in a police uniform. He joined another.

Four inspectors were riding stationary bikes at the head of the train which was now hall sized.

A ticket inspector started asking for tickets. Everyone jostled and the cabin became empty/sparse.

I was then joined by someone else I’d supposedly been traveling with all the time. The inspector now wanted to see work permits. We handed over our passports instead. Given we were now in an alternate universe, giving over our passports was a hunch. We were discussing options of they were not suitable. I has a phone signal though no charge. Our documents were on a table and were looked at last. When they were returned, the inspector said we should add details to the or else we could get in trouble.

Riding at night with no helmet

I’d bought a motorcycle at night and was riding it home.

I realised I did not have a helmet. The cops pulled me over and took me to the station. At the station, we had a discussion and they sent out  an undercover cop to check things out at the dealer.

I got to wear a patch saying I was related to a police officer so I could ride the motorcycle home without a helmet.

Some oddness

Lots of dream snippets these last few weeks.
Dream 1:
Someone tried to have sex with me one morning. When I wetted his cock with saliva, he then said something like “You really wanted me to fuck you!” like he was not serious. I responded with “You were the one poking your cock between my arse cheeks. He then proceeded to fuck me.

Dream 2:
Thing themed. Set in a cargo ship. About eight of us. Take over us by physical contact. One was a mergy handshake and that was the only “special effect”. The second last one, I put my head in some goop on a table and went “oh no!”. Multiple person perspective. All mates?

Final scene on bot in conference room. Remaining human said “We have prepared for this.” At this point all the taken over humans had black eyes (yeah, stereotypical take over look). Something about the taken over humans being duplicates of people either dead or safely home. Probably dead as scene of an F1 driver crashed and dead with car being lifted by a crane and various people, including Iron Man fighting an unseen opponent at a grand prix.

Iron Man died after putting two track girls in his suit. A female voice was telling me “That was pretty cool”.

A triad of exes and work

Dream 1:
A five minute scene. <redacted> was back in town and we fucked. It was enjoyable but nothing to write home about. We only did missionary. She could not kiss well.

Dream 2:
Living in (recent) dream house. <redacted> lived in the back room. I had the front. There was a party. Next thing, <redacted> was living in the back room.
Something about stairs or an escalator in a 10? story building. Poor lighting – she was naked and skinny with a dark landing strip.

Dream 3:
Signing off on data in the <redacted> lab. Referencing a SOP saying make sure follow it as a WFI sample was in alert.