What’s the go daddyo?

Here I will be posting all of my recorded dreams. The ones from the past. The ones I have in the future.

Note that what goes on in my head while I sleep tends to have little to nothing to do with my waking life.

My dream logs will be copied here exactly as recorded.  They may make sense. They may be disjointed.  They may be gobbledegook.

As far as I can determine, I first started recording my dreams in 1991- the same year I began keeping a diary.


Double Dildo (but Real)

I was having sex with someone and they were being double penetrated.  I had two penises so one was going into her vagina and the other into her anus.  Seemed perfectly normal while dreaming.

A Dune Theme

I was an Attreides (probably the duke, but not Leto) arranging a political marriage between my family and the Harkonnens.  I was chatting to the mother of the Vladimir and she said she had no idea there was an ongoing feud between our families.  Boys will be boys.

Strange Place for a MTB Race

Underground MTB work champ course. Looked like cave of the killer rabbit from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Ground was soft and loamy outside entrance. Lots of people wearing authentications on lanyards to avoid when trying to get to cavern.

Outside jumped in queue. Signup? No rider welcome page. Taking names and car rego only.

Rego was outside to left maybe 500m from cave.

Murdering a second cousin

I’d poisoned and then disposed of a female who as the dream continued, turned out to be a second cousin and as the dream continued, appeared to have been poisoned by her father.

Surveillance tapes hinted at me, though the tapes were lost.  Something bout a skull on a boot.

I think at one point of the dream there was thoughts that this was a repeating dream (though nothing to do with the killing, relatives or any other major event – maybe just the location which was around where my cousin’s parent lived.

Theatre and lost snogs

Seemed to start in a theatre where a performance was being given.  Sad main performer.  In the final scene him (or a dummy) fell onto the guests of honour (though not in a injurious way).

My gf has departed in the last act and some other female had replaced her.  The replacement wanted/suggested we take leave and snog.  We conducted a circuit of the facility which now appeared to be a leisure resort.

We kept passing a pool and at one point, the surroundings resembled the front of a mansion from a previous (sort of recent) dream.

No snogging was to be had.  Maybe a feeling of elicit longing.

Unsporting Predators

Something about Predators in a more Klingon type environment.  They appeared to have abducted me (though I was female and viewing this all from third person).

I was in a rusted metal rack, being forced backwards by chains so they could chop off my head.  Not very sporting I was thinking.

A black a white cat just out of kitten hood was wandering past to the left (of my view which was from in front of the rack).  The cat appeared to be a pet.

When my head was chopped off I then appeared as an energy being and smote them all.

Next up I’m talking to a “female” Predator asking if they had sexes.  Apparently they did not. After asking how they reproduced, I was informed a bit of their hair would fall off and then grow to a new being.  I wanted to ask how many orifices they had.

This conversation took place in a supermarket while in the medical section while browsing for condoms (or sports gel?) with cyclists on the packaging.

Weird eyesight fix & dead CEO’s.

Dream 1:
My poor eyesight was fixed by orthotics. The orthotics were padlock slide bolts. Very large ones complete with the metal bit that would attach to a fence. Reportedly, “there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. You are just seeing everything 8 pixels larger than normal. This leads to some fuzziness.”

Dream 2:
The CEO of my company had been driving on a farm and was killed by a freight train. He seems to have driven across the train’s path. There was speculation regarding whether or not the company’s base of operations would move out of Russia.

An escape portal leads to a short lived death

Something about a large sparse room with an escape portal in the floor. To exit the room, one would step on a spot on the floor. Some people would vanish, some could sink.
I was tidying up something or making sure everyone else got out (though there was only me and a cat).

When it was my turn to leave, I sank into the floor. I was holding a cat and a rabbit.

As I was enveloped, I took a deep breath as there was a suffocating wet blackness.

I was concerned that this would be distressing for the rabbit and cat.

There was some sort of mental projection asking about three options of death notification and means of disposal.

I was injected with a burning fluid (it felt like my blood was boiling) and apparently I was killed. An electronic notification was sent to everyone on my contact list. Five minutes later I resurrected. I then had to tell people, no, there had been a glitch. I was actually alive. I also needed to assure them I’d not been killed in the first place, in order to protect the secret that I was immortal.

People I had not heard from in years (eg <redacted>) has expressed their condolences in the meantime.